Business Utilities

Switch and Save on Your Business Utilities with Telecom NW

Did you know Telecom NW can also help you to save money on your business utilities?

It's quick and simple, and all we need is a copy of your energy bill. Your bill includes all relevant meter information that we need to run a free quote on your behalf.

Whether in or out of contract, we can search the whole market to find the best deal for your business.

Why Switch Energy Provider

Switching your business utilities with us is quick, easy and hassle free.

If you’re not in an energy contract, you’re considered ‘out of contract’, which means you could be paying up to 70% more than you should be. We can find out if you’re over spending or out of contract, assess the market for the best deal, and rapidly reduce your rates.

Moving Office?

If you’re moving office, it’s important to know that energy contracts don’t transfer from one location to another. Existing contracts automatically cease, and a new contract is required for your new space. When you first move in, you will be automatically paying ‘deemed rates’ that are much higher than normal contract rates. Most businesses won’t find this out until their first energy bill arrives!

Our Switch Service is completely free, and once we recommend the best deal available to you, the decision is yours. We won’t organise a new contract until you have given us the go ahead.

How We Find You a Better Deal on Your Business Utilities

Telecom NW will go out to market, find you the best deal and move you onto cheaper rates as soon as possible. It’s as simple as that.

We use our strong supplier relationships, market knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that we can present the best offers to you. We will manage tenders using our existing corporate energy management system and process. Our package can be designed on a bespoke basis to manage your needs and expectations.

We can also offer the following services based around consumption, validation and reporting:

Reporting suite

A full array of reports available on consumption trends and invoice records.

Consumption records

Managing and validating your consumption data using our advanced energy management software

Managing your costs

Detailed provisional invoice creation and budget information

Validity of charges

A complete invoice validation service and account management service to query invoice errors with the supplier

And a combined fully managed package of all services listed above!

Join the thousands of UK businesses already saving money on their energy costs.

Leave it to us to do the hard work and find you a better deal for your business utilities - talk to us today to find out more.